Paid Attendees


The Names listed here are those provided by Mike Wineholt as payments received.   

Icebreaker I; Tour T; Celebration C; Winery W; G Golf;

Military M; 

Date of posting February 24, 2018

Terry (Chrisawn) and Mike Wineholt I T C

Sandra Gorman I T C

Mike Simpson  I T C W M

Jo Marie (Bauserman) and Martin Duke  I T C W M

Dennis Miller C

Jeanette (Kline) and Doug Shonk I T C 

Joanna (Mallard) and Jim Wood  I T C W M 

Karen (Berger) and Ronnie Taylor I T C W G

Mike and Alison (Smith) Dixon I C W

Jeff and Cathy Warner C M

Judy (Hutto) and Phillip Quesenberry I T C

Rod Anastasi  T C 

Marcia (Becker) and Jim Pence C

Lexi Hope  I C W

Frank and Sue Mason  C