Paid Attendees

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Payments received to date:

  If your Reunion Event(s) participation/payment is incorrect please let me know. 

Jo Bauserman-Duke at:




Icebreaker I; Tour T; Celebration C; Winery W; (G Golf - MAX 20); Military M;


Terry (Chrisawn) and Mike Wineholt I T C

Sandra Gorman I T C

Mike Simpson  I T C W M

Jo Marie (Bauserman) and Martin Duke  I T C W M

Dennis Miller C

Jeanette (Kline) and Doug Shonk I T C 

Joanna (Mallard) and Jim Wood  I T C W M 

Karen (Berger) and Ronnie '67 Taylor I T C W, (G-1, G-2) 

Mike and Alison (Smith) Dixon I C W

Jeff and Cathy Warner C M

Judy (Hutto) and Phillip Quesenberry I T C

Rod Anastasi  I T C 

Marcia (Becker) and Jim Pence T C

Lexi Hope  I C W

Frank and Sue Mason  C

Lillian Orlich C

Thomas Holmes and Mario Rocha   I C M

Lynne (Becker) and Louis Dunn  I, T, C

David and Ginger Shuber  I T C

Mike Miller and Guest  I C W (G-3, G-4)

Tom and Marty (Secord) Fife  I T C

Clark Spitler and Guest  C

Tony and Wanda (Riddle) Vandelinde  I T C

Jerry and Gloria Taylor  I C M

Leslie (Thompson) Stiefler  I T C W

John and Antoinette Payne     I, T-1, C, W

William Sessler    C

Gretchen (Naisawald) Arnold     I, C, W

Eddie Collins     I, C, W, M

Steve Joiner     I, T, C, W

Connie (Butler) Ballenger and Bob Henry  C

 Barbara Childress   I, T, C, W

Shirley (Mauck) and Fred Soetekouw     C, M

Donna (Bridges) and Bob Harris ‘65  C

Jimmy and Brenda Peters   I, C, M

Bill and Richi Nusbaum   I, C, M

Brenda (Bridg es) ‘70 and Frank Cox ‘65  I, C

Ed Farquhar  I, C, W, M

Crystal (Strow) Neal I, C, W

Sharon (Gregory) Jacobs C

Debra (Dodson) Rehn  I, T, C

Bill and Robin (Jones) Cameron  I, C 

CG and Becky (Dean) Perry  I, C

Kenny and Sheryle Moore   C

Dawn Hunt   C

Mike and Oma Newton C

Eugene and Laura Keanon  C, M

Hal and Cheryl Parrish  I, T, C, M

Jacquie Leggett (Snyder)   I  c

Tridy (Hart) and Skippy Albrite  I, C, G3-4

Gary and Kathy Kline  I, T, C

Toni Jordan (Adams)  C

Chuck Shoemake  T, C, M

Valerie (Jones) and Bill Setzer  I, T, C, M

Bob Shell '70  C

Greta (Haynes) and Joe Daniel  I, C, M

Mary Lou Adams  I, T. C

Judy (Rusk) and David McNabb  C

Betty Jo Ann (Lane) Collins  I, C

Linda (Cornwell) McLaughlin '70  C

Bernard "Bo" Newton  C M

Guio Jordan   C

Janice Sullivan  I, T,  C

Mike and Frances Novak   I, C, M

Beth (Lynn) and Charles Hanbury  C

Kevin Norwood  I, C

Gail (Kent) Sweeney  C

Naomi Martin  I, T, C, W

Tina (Berger) Elliott  C

Barbara (Kervick) Cole  C

Linda (David) and Buddy Godfrey  C, M

John and Sandy (Aits '70) Abbott   C, G

Steve Dye and Marie Cross Fogle  I, T, C, W, M

Glenda (Layne) and Preston Washington '70  C

Maria (Griffin) and Darryl Smith  C

Bruce '70 and Carol Wood  C

Joe Fortuna  I, T, C, W

Margaret (Lancaster) Washburn   C

Susan (Mintz) VonRaab  C

Ron and Sheila Pannell  C

Lillian (Berry) and Michael Wroten  C

David Castle and Guest  C  W

Becky (Detwiler) and Dan Verner  C

Al and Janice Cooke   C

John Roseberry  C

Patty (Cornwell) and Ken Westmoreland   I C 

Robert and Carolyn North   C